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I am done. Finished. Finite.

In response to this posting, I have had more negativity thrown my way then understanding, and that is *after* having stated with absolute clarity where I stand on it all.


No more. There is no hope for the idiots out there who want to close their eyes and say, "not true!" As far as I'm concerned, they can now go bury their heads in the ground and be done with it. Maybe when this ascension happens (if indeed it isn't actually the biggest joke on the face of this planet), they'll get a nice swift kick into reality. Sucks for them if it happens though. Because when Illusion falls, it's going to fall hard...

But again. Not my Problem.

I'm done making people try to See. They don't want to. And as this last posting showed, they will run screaming from it in the opposite direction almost every time. You can lead a horse to water...

So. No more pointless postings to people who don't want to Hear or See.

Once again, I'm withdrawing and admitting defeat because this Veil of Illusion is so far beyond me, I cannot help those who Purposely and Freely chose it over Reality.

I am not some great Prophet from the olden days. Yes, I See and I put it out there when needed, but fuck it. What good is a prophet when the world does not want to listen?

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Date: 2008-12-26 10:44 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
*Hugs* I wouldn't worry too much about it. This is the Internet after all. Give asshats anonymity and their asshattedness increases exponentially.

If it's any consolation, I had a girl once who took an argument all the way back to my own personal LJ and continued to project her childishness onto me and accuse me of everything she was actually doing (the argument has arisen out of people also making a mountain out of a molehill side comment and ignoring the entire rest of the story).

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Date: 2008-12-27 12:45 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Oh I've had that happen to me many times now. One in particular actually kept coming back to my old journal and stalking me there (thus why I moved to this one).

I'm not worried. I'm just out of the Otherkin communities from now on. I'm not going to waste my breath as I've more important things to do.

I go through these little spurts of insanity where I forget why I got off the forums years ago. I used to be involved with a lot of the older generation people- Rialian, SilverFox, etc. I helped put together a couple of the websites out there and kept a part of the communities until the stupidity started taking over, then I said screw it...

And I'm just once again realizing why I did at the time...

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Date: 2008-12-26 11:13 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
What can be said? Such is life, you'll meet people who are so entrenched in their ways they won't listen to a dissenting opinion. But meeting these people makes the few open minds that much better.
Have a good new year.

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Date: 2008-12-27 12:50 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
But meeting these people makes the few open minds that much better

No, it really doesn't. Because there's so very many people out there that are absolutely *narrowminded* that they outweigh the margin of those few willing to listen that it's mind-boggling.

I am no longer at the point where I care, however, and as I told , I now remember why I said screw it years ago. To think that anything has changed is simply foolish I suppose...

I've resigned from [ profile] therianthropy and I'm off the LJ otherkin forums from now on. It's sad that it had to happen, but I'm not going to be an outlet for people who feed on negativity.

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Date: 2008-12-27 01:03 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Well, in short that sucks.
But, you've made your descion and I'll respect that.
Keep posting eh? You make for great conversation and you always make me think.

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Date: 2008-12-27 01:15 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Oh I'll continue to post in my own journal. ::giggles:: You know the funny part about the whole situation is that while several people in the two forums are pointing out that we're not being persecuted, we truly are. Only the bitch is, it's amongst ourselves...

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Date: 2008-12-27 03:51 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Hehe, it's always your own you gotta watch most closely.
Usually for protection, and just sometimes to keep yourself from them.

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Date: 2008-12-27 12:55 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Around about the time F.A.E. sprang up, I noticed a lot of the kin groups started looking less like groups of like minded individuals coming together to share ideas and support and more like churches.

Around the time F.A.E. did a hard withdraw from the public eye, I saw some cultish behavior from some kin groups, of the more harmless to others variety.

I fully admit bias, but being biased, particularly by personal experience, doesn't mean I'm wrong.

What does this have to do with what you're writing about?

Poke a turtle, and it pulls back into its shell. It's not so much about denial as it's about instinctive defense reflexes. The problem is that thinking beings *cough* have a harder time determining what is and isn't a threat, much less what actually needs to be protected.

...I've been typoing all over the place today.

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Date: 2008-12-27 01:01 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Mreh. I remember working with a couple of people from FAE. They were actually not too bad in the beginning... either that or it was simply a colored memory as I was still in the beginning Awakening Process...

::shrugs:: I worked with them on and MSN Otherkin along with some other projects. When they started going loopy, I started saying hell no.

What does what have to do with what I'm writing? The posting on [ profile] otherkin?

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Date: 2008-12-27 03:01 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
The people you're getting the strongest negative reactions from aren't those who don't know where they stand with the universe. They aren't the ones who feel the burn of articles like the one that started all this.

They've been in the trenches for a while, even if not as long as you and I.

In other words, they've got no reason to be offended. None.

Unless they're jockying for position or protecting some ephemeral influence they have on the rest of the community.

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Date: 2008-12-27 05:19 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Yeah, well... welcome to Life with the Pod People.

It's a sad and sorry state of affairs when those who are supposedly Aware (or used to be at least) are the ones who are getting pissy when someone has the balls to Speak the Truth.

The satirist posted yet another article ( showing his ignorant sense of biased opinion on the deal. And he took one response ( that I actually have to agree with for the most part:

Here's the harsh truth - the Otherkin community has a lot of shit in it. It has a lot of people who are detached from reality, who do need a swift kick in the pants to knock their brain back to where it belongs. On the whole, though, the community is so shy about saying such things that the kick is never administered, and the shit stays right where it doesn't belong - in my community. In my home.

I'm guilty of turning the other cheek. I might think you need a reality check, but instead I'm going to go away and let you keep rambling safely out of earshot. That's the only way you can tell where I stand on certain issues - if I don't say anything. I'm an active member of the community, so if I don't give you an opinion, that's because I'm waiting you out, hoping you'll figure whatever it is out on your own.

The Otherkin community is fragile and fractured. We draw lines in the sand every day, new lines: this I'll believe, this I won't, this I'll let slide, this I can't. It's bullshit and it's no wonder we get flamed. We know it. Don't tell me that you don't hear something almost everyday in the community that you secretly roll your eyes at and then let slide.

He's got a point. Only, when someone *does* stand up and say something, even the ones who should Know Better jump down your throat...

So I'm done. I know Who and What I Am. As for the rest of the people out there in those comms, kin or not, they can find their own way.

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Date: 2008-12-27 05:52 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I've been outside of the "community" for some time now, and I don't regret it. Those people whose opinion really matters to me? Are still on my f-list. And the rest, well, I can do without. Sure, I might be able to help somebody with their awakening, just as others helped me, but tbh I'm absolutely not cut out for the positions of "community leader" or "spiritual teacher". I leave those things to the people who really want to do it.

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Date: 2008-12-27 06:20 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Y'know, every so often I forget why I left the forums and websites behind years ago. And then I look them up and they don't seem all that bad at first so silly me, I join them again. And about two weeks later I remember why I said "fuck it" to begin with -__-

Part of me really wants to be able to help people out, but there's so many out there that don't *want* the answers, they'd rather just live in their own little world of "hey, I'm Cleopatra reincarnated, isn't that soooooooo *kewl*?!?!"

I think I've finally realized that there's just too much bullshit involved in most of those communities. It's why I said screw it with Forest Haven MSN and LJ along with helping out the now Kinnecting MSN and HOPE, FAE, etc., etc. For a little while, their hearts seemed to be in the right places, but now when I revisit their sites? It's all fluff and stupidity. It makes me sad that something that had started out so *good* could have come to the point it is today... and it makes me think that all the time and energy and love and work I contributed to them... in the end means absolutely nothing...


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