May. 9th, 2005

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Sorry, but I'm slowing being driven nuts by the Wicca 101 graduates. You know the type: teenagers who grab a Witchcraft For Dummies book off the shelf at Walden Books or decide that after reading the entire span of Llwellyn books that they are accomplished and very experienced witches and warlocks. Sorcerors and Sorceresses. Ooooooh, and you can't forget the Harry Potter outlook, either.

My brother's girlfriend decides to tell me that she's in the know of the Craft of Old and she's studied it seriously for a few years now. Y'know what she deems as serious? Some damn book found at Border's complete with vials, pouches and ribbons that holds spells within such as Hollywood Beauty Buffs and The Shame of Blame. She even uses a damn voodoo doll she's found at one place or another and actually expects to give her "victim" diaherria or herpes. O.o

Normally I'd laugh at such a ridiculous notion, but the truth is that it's getting much too widespread. And way too common for my liking.

Where have all the Real witches gone? Those that keep the Traditions and Craft of Old close to their hearts? Those that realize the Craft is not a religion or belief, but that it is a way of life?

I'll tell you where: They've all decided to run off screaming into the night and shaking their heads in response to all the FlufferNutters that have come out in full force as of late. The Real Deal's have all gone quiet because they're getting sick of being associated with those imbeciles that claim the same titles and similarities that they hold.

Seriously people! Just where the hell has Honour gone? Usually I'd blame the majority of GothTopic groupies that find it cool to be all Big and Bad while rebelling against thier parents wishes and *le gasp* decide to pick up a copy of Harry Potter: How to become a Real Witch, because y'all know just how much that's going to make them the Big Bad.

The bitch is, it isn't just the phasers anymore. People that are far too old and should be much too smart to pull the bullshit are doing the same damn thing. The Merry-Go-Round of Drama is in full swing and admission's hopping, baby.

Since when did we invoke the God and Goddess for every damn little thing that went wrong in our lives? Since when was Hecate called upon to help "curse" someone because a little one got upset at someone else for being ooooooooooh so mean and un-wiccan like? Since when did the matter of a fuckin hangnail entail lighting a candle?


Has the whole world gone off it's nut?

It has gotten to the point where I cringe at the word Pagan nowadays. Everytime the phrase "I'll light a candle" comes out of my lips I have to fight back the shudder of disgust I get from it. Whenever I'm asked to send energy I have to fight back the automatic eyeroll before actually deciding whether or not the situation holds cause to do it or no.

I am literally ashamed to be connected with some most of those idiots out there that call themselves Pagan. Because of this I've gotten to the point of just calling myself polytheistic. It's simple, doesn't really get the whole Love and Light reaction, and it's still true.

But (and this is the kicker right here) since when did we just back into the corners like dogs and keep our tongues? Just when exactly did it become okay with us to let the outlook of "Crystal Crunching New Agers" be associated with Who and What we are? When exactly did we let ourselves grow corrupted from the damn psuedo-light of all things?

Phrases such as Love and Light!, Blessed Be!, Merry Meet! and Merry Part! make my brain literally want to bash itself to a mushy pulp against the side of my skull so it doesn't have to deal with the shit anymore.

Because really, I'm starting to run out of good boots nowadays. Every damn pair I own ends up ruined after wading through the mindless dribble of bullshit that spews forth from people's mouths.


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